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By lynn Jardinico


Roofing as part of asset management

Roofing is a major expenditure on a commercial property; probably one of the most costly items next to paving.  Whether the building is small or large, a single building or a business park, a roofing installation and the subsequent maintenance thereof occupy a significant line on the asset management worksheet.  Understanding that roofing is a major capital expense in a real estate portfolio is a key aspect of managing the building itself, the building tenants, and the long-term return on investment.

Return on investment

The goal in a real estate portfolio may differ but when dealing with commercial property as an asset the goal is generally to create a profit from the investment over the long-term.  A roofing project is considered a capital expenditure, while roofing maintenance and maintenance coating systems are not.  Selecting the appropriate system for a building or a group of buildings may ultimately affect the bottom line of the entire investment.

In a situation where the property will be sold, a file with the description of the system and pertinent details as to anticipated remaining service life and roof maintenance budgets may be the difference between obtaining a favorable price or taking a deduction from the overall property value.  A carefully maintained roof system, along with the appropriate documentation enhances the perceived value of commercial property as well as potentially maintaining its actual value.

Maximizing service

To show a profit in a real estate portfolio it is desirable to maximize the serviceability of the asset.  In this case, the goal of managing the roofing is to obtain long-term and cost effective service life.  Life cycle costing of various roof systems that address the specific requirements of each building will enable an effective evaluation of long-term serviceability and ease of roofing maintenance.


Multiple Properties

Multiple properties often require multi-tasking that may over extend even the most seasoned property managers.  Addressing roofing issues that may cover hundreds of thousands or even millions of square feet of roofing can be exhausting without the proper tools to give an overall view.

Roofing portfolio management involves creating and updating a system whereby each roof system is documented with a report, detailed roof plan, and service life evaluation.  Each property is incorporated into a portfolio-wide spreadsheet summarizing each of these items to provide an “at-a-glance” review of the assets.  This system allows a property manager to knowledgeably respond to roofing problems for multiple properties.  The system follows the property rather than the property manager, so even personnel changes may have a smooth transition with respect to understanding the roofing requirements of multiple properties.

Time Management

An historical file of an entire property portfolio listing roofing systems and roofing maintenance serves as a time management tool for the property manager seeking to effectively maintain property assets as well as respond to tenant inquiries.  A properly crafted system of files may reduce the number of redundant property visits, while still satisfying the needs of ownership and tenants.

Retaining Tenants

Retaining commercial tenants is a high priority.  No tenant wants a leaky roof.  Quick response time to a problem with a roof can result in satisfied tenants.  An organized record of roofing items on each property in a portfolio gives building owners an overview of the roof system, as well as an opportunity to quickly respond with the proper actions required to take care of the problem and keep the tenant happy.

Annual Budgeting

Annual budgeting for maintenance on commercial properties can be a daunting task.  When considering all of the elements that must be included in a budget it becomes a nightmare.  A carefully crafted roofing portfolio management system put together by a qualified roofing consultant can alleviate the burden of developing roofing budgets on multiple properties.  A system that provides a record of the individual roof membranes, their anticipated remaining service life, budgets for immediate and annual maintenance, and budgets for replacement or remediation can provide a long-term overview of requirements for one year, two years, 5 years, or even 10 years. 

Roofing portfolio management can be another effective tool for a property or portfolio manager to maximize time and return on investment, while best serving the needs of building tenants.