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By lynn Jardinico

What is Roofing Compliance Inspection

Commercial Roofing Application is a process

The installation of a roof on a commercial building is not like delivery of new office furniture.  A delivery of product involves a single step; the order is delivered and the transaction is complete.  Roofing installation is a process that occurs over a number of days, or in some cases, months.  Regardless of the roof system, the roof membrane is applied in a series of steps.  Each process has the potential to go awry despite the best intentions.  Observation of the methods used to properly install the entire roof in compliance with the project specifications is critical in ensuring membrane performance over the long term.

The Human Factor in Roof Installation

Because a commercial roof membrane is constructed in the field, the human factor always plays a part in its satisfactory installation.  Despite an applicator’s best intentions, the process of membrane application may be impacted by the skills of the individuals on the crew or the ability of the foreman to ensure his crew understands the roofing specifications.  Miscommunication between contractors and suppliers may result in delivery of materials that are incorrect or are not equal to the specified items.  A well qualified third party creates another avenue for communication and confirmation of materials and application techniques outlined in the specification.

Commercial Tenants and Roofing

Adding to the potential complications of the commercial roof installation is the impact to the building tenant.  Any tenant who has experienced a roof replacement project has a story about how his operation, employees, or products were impacted, whether positively or negatively, during the installation.


What is a Roofing Compliance Inspection

A daily roofing compliance inspection is designed to document every aspect of the commercial roof installation and provide an accurate written record.  The inspection report provides information about materials, crews, weather factors affecting installation, and progress of work.  The inspection report also documents any non-complying issues and their subsequent correction.

Interface between tenants and Contractors during commercial roofing application

Happy tenants are long-term tenants.  Nowhere can the relationship between a tenant and a building owner become more strained than during a roof replacement project that has run into some unforeseen complications.  Communication and reassurance that problems are being promptly addressed are keys to maintaining happy tenants.  Trained roofing inspection personnel can provide interface between the tenant, owner, and applicator, providing accurate information about unforeseen circumstances and assisting with prompt responses to tenant issues.

Roofing Inspection and the building’s Historical Record

Properly documented roofing compliance inspections provide accurate information about the roofing system, processes, and application.  This information, when added to the historical record of the building can follow the property rather than the property owner or manager, thus creating a smooth transition to new ownership or management team.

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